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Zoe specialises in Aerial Restorative, Yin & PreNatal, utilising the hammock enables deeper meditation and presence as well as physical support.


AntiGravity (aerial) Yoga prati gurutva is a style of yoga and a fitness technique that utilises the practice of awareness of body, mind and spirit. The primary philosophy within Zoe's teaching of each aerial modality, is presence. As you practice you not only become more efficient with your movement and more confident about physicality, you will be more attuned with your breath, body and mind.

AntiGravity has two meanings 1) playing within the laws of physics and 2) against graveness -- to stay light-hearted. In classes all students play, stretch, meditate and have lots of fun!

Aerial Yoga combines acrobatic arts and AntiGravity asana, but it’s also an accessible practice that can help you find more length in your spine and safe alignment in your poses. The use of a suspension system with therapeutic value: the aerial yoga “silk,” or hammock is suspended from the ceiling to support your weight, ease pressure, create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine, and help you find more mobility. Zero compression inversion benefits include - allowing circulatory and lymphatic systems to refresh while stimulating the release of neurotransmitters in the brain; Increased kinesthetic awareness; fine-tuning balance and increasing proprioceptor response for greater agility; Low impact cardiovascular conditioning; Self-esteem enhancement through process of conquering basic fears; A creative and artistic mind-body experience. The hammock can also be used to strengthen muscles and find correct alignment in most poses, not just tricky inversions!

Zoe Zephyr specialises in Restorative & Yin & Open Classes, these are suitable for beginners. You do not need to be an experienced yogi or fitness practitioner to gain the benefits of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga & Fitness. 

  • Restorative & Yin ~ the hammock is lowered close to the ground to enable longer transitions and stretches. These classes are very beneficial for injury and illness recovery as well as deep fascia release.
  • Open Classes ~ an open level aerial yoga class with a few challenging postures thrown in!
  • Intermediate/Advanced ~ suitable for students ready to advance to the next level in their aerial journey. Students must be able to invert without assistance before attending this level.



This practice is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. Yin is a Taoist (Chinese) term - analyzing various yoga techniques from the perspective of yin and yang, the most relevant aspect is the elasticity of the tissues involved. Yang tissues like muscles are more fluid-filled, soft, and elastic; yin tissues like connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, and fascia) and bones are dryer, harder, and stiffer. By extension, exercise that focuses on muscle tissue is yang; exercise that focuses on connective tissue is yin.