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Zoe Zephyr

Aerial Yogi
Yoga Teacher


Zoe is an ex PhD Academic, Buddhist, Gallery Director & Sculptor, who became a Pilates Teacher, AntiGravity Aerial Instructor, Yogi & Mumma.

After completing her PhD in Visual Art & Philosophy, Zoe decided to return to yoga after a hiatus writing and teaching at university. This shift occured because she felt unease in her body, pain from sitting for long periods of time. Once Zoe re-established her own practice she felt compelled to work in the wellness industry. While teaching pilates and yoga for many different studios Zoe undertook AntiGravity Aerial Teacher Training out of the pure desire to try the modality. With no Aerial studios in Adelaide ~ Zephyr Yoga was born. 

Zoe Zephyr is often asked about whether her name is real or adapted, in truth her birth name is Zephyr but her parents nicknnamed her 'Zoe' Zephyr (pretty apt for an aerialist)! Her background in the arts brings a unique flavour to Aerial Yoga & Fitness, having many students following her and maintaining a regular and committed practice because of her style, creativity, ethos, and vibe.

Currently Zoe is a founder of The Yoga Centre; and lives in a treehouse with her family and several wayward animals.